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Hi my name’s Danny Wade I’m a professional modelmaker and cabinet maker by trade, With 20yr’s experince behind me before I started working for myself. I’ve now been making Dove cote’s and Cathouse’s and various other wood projects for about 13 yrs now,

My Products

I have several product lines one of these being cat houses and custom catios. You would probably agree all cats need there own space and like to be nice and warm and cosy. They tend to like curling up in corners or little boxes. Cats often live outside and may spend a considerable amount of time outside and quite often have to find shelter from all the elements best they can.

I offer a arrange of add on’s to any cathouse

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Cat Litter solutions for indoors and out


Insulated cathouses

3- Grades of insulation’s

  • 3mm padded Vinyl lined all sides Also very easy to clean
  • Rubber backed carpet lined
  • Full Daul wall feramite insulation

Standard catflaps or magnetic or microchip catflaps

Also a wide range of designs and colours avilable

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Cat Litter solutions

Indoor Breeding Cabinet’s