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As independent souls, and yet with an abundance of affection, the joy that cats bring to your life is evident from the very first moments that you bring them home. Given the fact that these friendly felines enrich your life it seems only fair that you provide them with a place to rest that is worthy of their importance to your family. Here at Luxury Pet Homes we have a selection of outdoor shelters and indoor pet domiciles that are simply perfect for all feline friends. These luxury pet homes provide so much more than simply shelter from the elements. They are as aesthetically appealing as they are affordable, and provide the ideal environment either indoors or outdoors. Given the nocturnal nature of cats it seems only natural that when you settle in for the evening that they be kept warm and safe against the elements. With this in mind, and given that they tend to spend a good majority of their lives in the surrounding vicinity to their home, by purchasing one of the indoor or outdoor cat homes of Luxury Pet Homes you, and your pet will enjoy both peace of mind and happiness.

Their Houses

What could be better than their own personal cat house, customised to suit your cats and your needs. Our designs are perfect, keeping your cat comfortable and cosy protecting against all weather conditions. The windows allow nosy cats to see whats going on outside without being hit by the elements and also let in light, they also look great in the garden. All my Cat houses are unique and handmade and crafted. Strong, durable and weather resistant. All wood is treated or painted and I tend to use ashfelt as my main roofing material. I’m still building my range at the moment, so more designs will follow, so keep your eyes peeled. All pet homes can be made to your own design and specifications   Beach style Cat House range My most popular design made so many of this style cat house, the main colour is cream and green but other colours can be arranged.

 The Beach Style Cathouse Range

Beach Style 1 Cathouse

Cosy shelter

Inside size 42cm x 42cm £99.99 + p&p £19.99

Removable roof for access



Beach Style 2 cathouse

Beach Style Cathouse B2  Beach 2 Style Cathouse

Inside size 500cm x 42cm £129.99 + p&p £19.99

Removable roof for easy access



Beach Style B3

B3 Beach Style Cathouse Beach 3 style cathouse

Inside size 500cm x 45cm £179.99 + p&p £24.99



Beach 1 style with porch

B1 beach With porch cathouse Beach 1 Style with deck

Inside size 500cm x 45cm £149.99 + p&p £19.99



B3 Beach with porch style cathouse

B3 Beach with porch cathouse Beach 3 Style cathouse with deck

Roof lifts up on himges for access

Inside size 78cm x 45cm £239.99 + p&p £29.99


2-Tier Beach Style Cathouse

2-tier Beach style cathouse 2-teir Beach Style cathouse

Inside size 70cm x 45cm £249.99 + p&p £29.99



Twin Wide Beach House 3 With Porch and deck

20130720_124259_640x480 20130721_113025_640x480


Inside approx size 80cm x 40cm

Price: without catflap £229.99    with catflap £239.99       p&p £19.99


Fully Daul walled Insulated Bungalow Design

Fully insulated Bungalow cathouse 12003268_1010877385613782_5079236679034707757_n

New Large Bungalow design with or without steps and stand , The Sizes are approx 110cm x 60cm Price: fully insulated £499.99 Uninsulated £399.99  Contact Us for delivery  Stand and steps £80

Single Shed Cathouse

shed cathouse 904436_561271593907699_1009719312_o

Inside size 50cm x 50cm £129.99 + p&p £14.99


The Lodge Style Range


Small L1 Lodge Cathouse


Inside size 500cm x 45cm £79.99 + p&p £10.99



L2 Large lodge Cathouse


Inside size 80cm x 45cm £129.99 + p&p £19.99



The 2-tier Lodge Cathouse L3

22-tier Lodge Style cathouse 20161006_111905


Inside size 80cm x 90cm £249.99 with catflap

Delivery only due to size. Unfortunatly I can deliver so far from Hornchurch Essex so contact with delivery information for delivery price