Outdoor Lodge Cat Litter House


Lodge litter house        img_5882

Large 48cm litter tray (includded)

Adhered ashfelted Roof

Inside approx size 45cm x 50cm £99.99 + p&p £19.99


Indoor cat litter Cabinet



42cm litter tray

£119.99 Fitted with catflap p&p £9.99

Basic Indoor Cat Litter Cabinet

Basic Indoor Cat Litter Cabinet  Basic Indoor cat Litter Cabinet

Inside size 50cm x 50cm £59.99 + p&p £10.99

42cm litter tray (includded)

With Staywell Catflap fitted


The Indoor litter cabinet with litter storage area

20140214_111554_360x480  20140214_111713_360x480

£159.99  fitted with staywell catflap  £149.99 without catflap + p&p £9.99 Contact for detail

Outdoor shed style Cat litter house

20140221_103446_640x480  20140221_103553_360x480

£159.99    + Catflap depends on choice of catflap & p&p £19.99

Outdoor Beach Style Cat Litter House

Outdoor Beach Style Cat Litter House  Outdoor Beach Style Cat Litter House

Inside size 40cm x 50cm £129.99 + p&p £12.99

Fitted With Staywell Catflap £139.99



Custom House and litter house together


Prices around £400 dependng on the size and design,contact for details