Custom sparrow cote

As any green-fingered individual will tell you, having an oasis of tranquillity to retreat to in times of trouble is essential for good emotional well-being. Similarly, once you fill your garden with life and vitality by erecting one of the dovecoats of my range or have a custom cote made, Just how you would like it. Then the doves that you attract will surely fill your heart with joy. The dovecoats that we have here at Luxury Pet Homes are as visually unique as they are enticing to your little bird friends. Indeed, given that doves pair for life there is no better environment in which they can form such bonds that inside our exquisitely-designed dovecoats. As a master carpenter the quality of the dovecoats of Luxury Pet Homes is matched only by their beautiful design, and they make great focal points in any outdoor environment. Please feel free to scroll through the entire selection of dovecoats in our range.

Dovecotes & Sparrow Cotes

The dovecote is divided into 3 separate living compartments. Fits on standard 3″x3″ post, The post go’s into the cote by about 1ft for complete stability. The ~Roof covering is optional, Ash felted as in picture or Slate with leaded trims as on some of the other models. The Deluxe Sparrow cote has Slate & lead roof. And Slate Perche’s. The cote is divided into 3 separate nesting compartments. Holes around the under side of the roof also allows for nesting in the roof space. The roof is also removable for easy access as is the rest of the house, for cleaning out. The cote is made from 15mm Tongue & Groove panels and exterior Birch ply, Finished in Ronseal woodland trust colours. The 3-Teir Deluxe Sparrow Cote comprises of 3 separate cotes of different sizes a post colar and finally a large slate & leaded roof with a 14″ final on the top to finish it off, The roof also has nesting space. Total height 1.7metres fits on 4″x4″ post which goe’s rigth the way through for complete strength The Grand Single tier dovecote 15mm T&G body and roof Painted in ronseal woodland trust colours Removable side panels for cleaning access

Stardard Essex Dovecote


Price: £164.99 GBP P&p £19.99 Optional feeder tray £24.99

Optional feeder tray


Essex dovecote

Deluxe Sparrowcote

Deluxe-Sparrowcote-small Price: £450    

3 Tier Deluxe Sparrowcote

3-Tier-Deluxe-Sparrowcote Price: £799.00 GBP

Grand Single Tier Sparrowcote

Grand-Single-Tier-Sparrowcote Price: £399.00 GBP

Stardard dovecote

Stardard-dovecote2 Price £159.99 P&P £19.99 Feeder tray optional £29.99

Optional feeder tray

2-tier Wall mounted cote


Price: £49.99 GBP P&P £9.99