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Welcome to luxurypethomes. All cat house’s / Catio’s and dovecotes are handmade and can made to order to your specifications. The estimated waiting times can vary and you should allow 2-3 weeks for cat house’s. between 4-6 for pet enclosures and 3-4 weeks for Dovecotes. Time scales to be comfirmed on order. Times can varie depending on a number of different factors at the time.

If you would like to order one of my custom cat houses or would more info on particular project, please email me or fill out the contact form. luxurypethomes@aol.com

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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Danny Wade and am a professional model maker and cabinet maker by trade, with 20 plus years experience. I aim to produce high quality luxury pet homes which are suitable and practical for our animal friends. I take great care and pride myself on what I produce.

All my designs are unique and custom made to order, in addition everything is made by hand. All types and variations of luxury pet homes can be provided. For example Dove cote’s, luxury cat houses and cat enclosures. Being an industrial model maker by trade I also undertake a wide range of various scale models to order. (Please see model making gallery).

My Products here at luxurypethomes

I have several product lines one of these being luxury cat houses and bespoke custom catios. You would probably agree all cats need there own space and like to be nice and warm and cosy. Equally important they tend to like curling up in safe places, corners or cat houses. Cats often live outside, therefore they quite often have to find shelter from the elements best they can. All pet homes can be insulated resulting in keeping your furry friends stay warm and importantly dry, happy days.

A Luxury grand Bird table

luxurypethomes Grand Bird table

The grand bird table, Lovely oranate centre piece in any garden, Birds will love it too. finished with a slate roof and hand turned finial. Painted in outdoor white ash. I can paint in a different colour if you like but there’ll be a additional cost.

Cat Litter Solutions

Cat litter can be a problem, But i have a range of outdoor Cat litter houses and indoor litter cabinets which are perfect for the job of keeping the cat litter area tidy and dry, while looking good.

With a arrange of different options possible for Insulation and catflaps.

3- Grades of insulation’s

  • 3mm padded Vinyl lined all sides Also very easy to clean
  • Rubber backed carpet lined
  • Full Daul wall feramite insulation

Standard catflaps or magnetic or microchip catflaps

Also a wide range of Standard cathouse’s, designs like the Beach style and Lodge style cat house’s, Can be done in other colours.

Indoor Breeding Cabinet’s

Custom Indoor Breeding cabinet | luxurypethomes

Custom indoor Cat breeding cabinet

Handmade made , hand painted

approx size is 90cm x 48cm x 50cm

Prices from £300 + shipping,

The American Barn luxury cat house, luxurypethomes

Custom American Barn Cathouse

Custom made to order froma customers photo of a barn somewhere in america.